Video Length Guide for Every Social Network

Hi everyone! Quick question: how many times did you post something on social media only to find out it did not have the correct size or length?

That is when all the job, time and money invested on your video content seems to have been completely in vain. Yes, we know: been there, done that.

On the contrary, many times we do realise the importance of creating content in the right dimension, size and length, but we are not able to find that information anywhere on the Internet.

Or, what is worse, we find a post back from 2015 and we strongly doubt if it is still correct.

We are pretty sure we can all agree that it should not be that hard! And this is the reason why we decided to create an updated article about every video length and spec you need to remember whenever you want to post video content on any social media platform.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest Video Length are all covered in this post!

Just head there to discover the correct dimensions from any video content, including video ads, organic content, video stories and feed posts.

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