Announcing the 2019 version of Top Nine

It’s that time of year again! Here's what to expect on this year’s Top Nine viral trend.

December has arrived, which means you’re about to see your feed full of grids and collages with everyone sharing their Top Nine collage with their best nine Instagram posts of 2019. Millions of Instagram users, influencers, and celebrities share a collage with their Top Nine Instagram photos and videos of the year, using the Top Nine app.

Today we’re launching the 2019 version!. We created the Top Nine app as a creative way to review the important moments of your year, but we never knew it would grow into something as big as it is today.

Please contact us if you run into any issues. Generating your Top Nine should take a few seconds, but in some cases when it gets too viral it may take a little more. In any case, you’ll receive an automated email with your Top Nine.

What to expect for the 2019 version

Our work on the 2019 version was focused on video and story templates featuring your Top Nine Instagram posts from 2019. This wasn’t a simple task, as these templates will result in millions of images and videos being generated, so every pixel counts.

We still have a lot to polish, as the app still has a few rough edges. We’ll release new updates in the next few days fixing many details, improving designs, and including new video templates. As a reminder, the video templates only work on our iOS app, with Android coming soon. We don’t have plans to support videos on the web version, but you can still generate your good old collage image with your Top Nine grid.

Some other work we’ve done on this version was around the Top Nine algorithm, adapting it to take into account many other factors rather than just likes. The 9 most liked Instagram posts may not represent your Top Nine Instagram moments of the year. For smaller accounts it’s likely that all we use are likes, but as the amount of likes per post grows, more complex factors start to kick in.

Security and privacy warning when using non-authentic clones

We published a warning against using non-authentic clones of Top Nine, as some of these may potentially be compromising millions of Instagram accounts. This warning explains how to ensure one of these apps is safe to use, whether it’s indeed our app or not. The Top Nine trend has grown exponentially, making it easier to target attacks to Instagram accounts with fake apps, and many people will probably fail to notice these issues.

Security and privacy are top priorities for us. We believe that educating about these issues is a responsibility for all developers, news outlets, bloggers, and anyone building products and services used by millions.

A special thank you note to the Product Hunt community

Last year’s launch was a huge success, we got to the #1 spot of the App Store in many countries!

This was the result of many factors, from email marketing to influencer shoutouts, but one of the most important ones was the support we got from our users. When they shared their Top Nine collage, they fueled the viral growth even more, so we couldn’t be more grateful for their support.

So, are you ready to review your year? Hit that button below.

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