Top Nine Instagram trend - Best of 2022

Time to create your collage with your Top Nine Instagram moments of the year.

December is here, which means that your Instagram feed is about to get filled with everyone posting their “top nine” of the year.

The Top Nine trend started in 2016 as a simple tool to review your Top Instagram posts. Since then it has grown exponentially every year.

When we started Top Nine, Instagram was just about posting square images. Just 1:1 ratio. In fact, that’s the reason why the first design of the Top Nine template was a grid with 9 squares.

Over the years the trend grew, and our app evolved as well. In later versions, we created templates for stories, and then animated templates for stories and reels. Last year we even saw it being used for TikToks.

The trend grew into something so big that also many other creative apps started offering Top Nine templates, and animated collages designed to be shared with #TopNine.

Instagram Recap 2022 Reels template

This year, Instagram launched #Recap2022, a Reels template where users can add their photos and videos.

However, Instagram is not choosing the Top Nine Instagram reels and posts of the year. Most people go to to find their Top Nine posts and reels.

That’s why most of the 2022 recap reels have nine photos or videos, and everyone posting with the #2022Recap hashtag is also posting with #TopNine.

As creators of the trend, we love seeing the Top Nine trend is still alive and growing every year!

This year, the official Top Nine app is free

The web version of Top Nine is free. In past years, we added a watermark to Top Nine templates. This year, we created free Top Nine templates. We decided to monetize this year with ads, which you won’t see unless you are in specific locations.

If you want PRO templates, they are only available on our mobile app.

Privacy and security warning with clones

Given that millions of users are hopping on top of the trend, it’s critical to share that we are aware of malicious Top Nine app clones. We love seeing creative apps design Top Nine templates, but we’re not talking about the trusted creative apps.

We’re talking about apps that are branded exactly the same as the Top Nine app, named very similar, and that request the username and password of your Instagram account using a similar UI as the one that Instagram has.

We’re issuing this warning after receiving messages from users who’d claim their Instagram account had been “hacked”, deleted, or modified after using Top Nine, when really they were unknowingly using a fake Top Nine clone.

We published a detailed warning against non-authentic clones on this blog post.

How to create your Top Nine 2022 collage

Creating your Top Nine 2022 collage is super simple. Just enter your Instagram on the Top Nine app and we will generate the collage with your best nine Instagram photos and videos.

That’s it! We hope you like reliving your Top Nine moments of this crazy year :)

Create your Top Nine of 2022 now